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AlterNations is a new Sovereign format of United Nations. It is built from Sovereign and Absolute entities. It will cover a wider range than the UN. We will be taking better care of life and the planet, this is ensured by the laws that we follow, UCc-1, they are common law, natures law, Gods law. We are the gifting hand and we will remove debt! We will flood it out and give each Town, City, Kingdom, Nation, Man, Woman and Child their sovereignty back. We dont want anything back for this, in common law you cannot gift and then expect a return, we are gifting. We do not want intellectual property, we do not want to be paid back, we do not want ownership of anything. We want freedom and we want you to have that too. We are ensuring life, ethic and the health of this planet for generations to come. We will be introducing new innovations in every sector, these have been hidden because they work. We will not tolerate corruption of any sort, our sibling authority the WMA will see to that.

There are only two rules in joining AlterNations; No harm to life and No harm to planet(s)


If you click the PDF link above you will find a brief introduction written by the Chief Administrator for Global Command. It will give you bit of a picture of what we are about, who we are and what we are achieving, it also explains the relationship between UCc-1, the WMA and AlterNations. This is actually the document that is given to world leaders and this is why we are giving it to you. We The People are the world leaders, as a collective we just need to realise it. 

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