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Dear reader, 
We at Global Command want to thankyou for taking the time to read through our website, there going to be constant alterations and improvements which we are sure you will notice on each visit. 
AlterNations is the brainchild of Honorable Lee Clegg, Global Commander 8* for the World Martial Authority. Honorable Lee has had an extensive military career in elite special forces. He has been in over 46 operations worldwide and fought frontline in every war from 1989 to 2007, he has seen life at its absolute worst and has personal experience of the atrocities that the majority never witness. This is where his passion and drive to change the world for the better comes from. Over the last decade Honorable Lee has been collecting world and life changing innovations, has educated himself about banking and how the debt system works and has made all the connections necessary to  make AlterNations possible. One of the key connections is Chief Judge Grantor Lamont-Durrell Belton sui juris ¨AT LAW¨ (The General as we more affectionately know him as). The General too has had great life struggles and has has seen the brunt of the corruption that is going on in plain view. For the last 25 years he has educated himself on law, taken on the title of UCc Amir, has leaned the whole UCc corporate world, he has also become the owner of the the Virginia commonwealth and holder of the Great Seal Perseverando (as shown behind) and holder of the pacta sunt serveranda sui juris at law all liberties reserved. He has the only two on record courts in The American Republica. The General is also a Seminole Priest.

The union of these two immensely powerful and deeply passionate individuals has also resulted in the World Martial Authority. Honorable Lee is the Global Commander, The General is the Chief Judge. This removes corruption from the top down. It is because of the genius of The General and his prudence in covering all angles that the WMA is the only law enforcement authority that can take down big corporations, Governments, corrupt Sovereigns, banks and actually, any entity! This will all be explained in detail on videos/seminars that Honorable Lee and The General will doing/having. We believe in full transparency, we will therefore not be holding anything back from you at all.
The other thing that we are building is the World Health Authority, rather self explanatory really, this will also be under UCc-1, protected by the WMA and will hold the same ethic as the others; no harm to life, no harm to planet (´s). 
This website, ( We hope you like the TLD´s, ¨.life¨  we thought they summed up everything that we stand for. We aren't commercial therefore .com was out, we aren't an organization so .org was out. For similar reasons all the others were out too, well, either that or they were dreary) eventually will be enormous, It will be completely interactive for both public, businesses and projects. We will be funding business growth (no we don't want anyone's intellectual property nor payback, we want your business to grow, this improves your life also the lives of your employees and from that your local economies and therefore your Nations economy, we are ploughing asset backed currency into the world thus eliminating debt, therefore gifting the freedom of humanity.) Businesses and projects will have their own pages that they can change themselves, they can add information about their business/innovation or project from videos to writeups, public members will be able to ask questions directly to businesses, will be able to like and save for later businesses or projects that they are interested in. Businesses/project members will be able to contact others. It will be a three layer interactive platform. The third being The AlterNations Ambassadors, these will have a separate layer that makes them directly contactable to other Ambassadors globally and to businesses of their choosing. Ambassadors, like businesses and projects will have a page of their own which they can add whatever they like to, public and business members can also contact them, ask questions and again save for later. AlterNations, covers everything from recycling used tyres (this business is ready to start now) to the arts and funding cinema projects. Anything goes! The projects that we welcome are anything from building cities to humanitarian. anything and everything goes. The funding available is limitless (this we will explain in depth in videos) The only thing we ask is no harm to life, no harm to planet('s). Any business or project wishing to become a member has to sign an oath to state the above also provide basic information about product/action so as we can eliminate and dangers. The innovations that we have already are out of this world, a few, literally.
You, I am sure will notice there is a page with diplomatic warnings, our Ambassadors are fully protected by us under the court of Virginia and  this is the first step in their verification, from there they log into the ´hidden´ page, this is just a list of numbers and the contact details of those who can verify them, whoever is looking would contact the court of Virginia. We are also going to have a News page on here, not just for our projects and businesses but for anything, there will be an interactive calendar so we don't miss big things, project updates will be public. We want everyone involved in this, it is after all about life, its We The People. There will also be pages to get involved and how to join so you can help in this monumental quest. 
All our websites are in the building process but like are coming on very quickly and will be changing by the day. Here is a very brief outline of the vision we have about what our other websites will be. -Will be updates, news, videos, briefs about all others and their    main  achievements. There will be a Martial/Ambassador login for  them to get updates, tools, advice, contact etc. There will be public    interactive services on all sites, to ask questions etc, we want the        involvement of all, we are you and you are us. -This is the main educational tool, there will be a library of the laws, legal terms and all explained in simple ways, the history of these laws and  why they are superior to all, also explaining how admiralty laws are all null and void. It will be full of videos, there will be seminars available under The Generals university. There will be in depth explanations about the symbols and seals. You will fully understand the Ethic behind  us from this site. You will have introductions to the Judges, about the courts, you will fully understand the judging process and sentencing. Again this will be an interactive site, you can get advice, help and can ask us to go more in depth with certain areas if deeper explanations are needed. Remember, common laws are for the common man, if a person cannot fully understand a law, basically, its void. - This website will have news and updates, there will be a meet the Martials page where Martials of certain areas ie Regional 3*,   National 4* and Continental 5* will have profiles online and contact details for their offices, thus making them contactable for those in need. There will be information about different areas of the WMA, from Legal to Military (we have thousands of elite military personnel under us. these are not there to start a war, they are the last resort in stopping them)  Again there will be interactive services for questions etc. We will also on occasion be asking for your involvement in certain areas, we may need eyes and ears. This isn't something that we can do all by ourselves, yes we can do an awful lot but we need your help! There will be information on how to join  become part of this most moral of cause. - This will be an immense website, fully interactive for both those showcasing and public, in a way like a social media platform that is non biased  and purely for health and knowledge for people to be truly able to take their own health into their own hands. Free and independent medical care will be provided for all, specialists more available. It will be a safe platform for all involved. So many medical practitioners  have been hidden, mocked, their reputations destroyed  and some have even been killed for what they say and bring because its true and works. This stops now!  The latest  finds, innovations, cures and technologies will all be available from Medibeds, light therapies to cancer cures. Ancient healing practices will  also be available. Each one showcasing will have to sign an oath to do no harm to life, no harm to planet(´s). All showcasing will have a page where they can put on videos, all information about what they have/do, able to write blogs etc. This again will be fully protected by the WMA and it must be in keeping with UCc-1. We believe everyone has the choice to whatever they want with their bodies, it is however not a choice if information is withheld, the person has no knowledge or there aren't options available. The WHA will also have a legal area where they carry out investigations, there will be forensic labs etc. The protection of the health of life and planet is of paramount importance. We want to give you the ability to truly look after yourself how you want to.

We are all very excited to finally be at the ´live´ stage and to be able to bring to the world what is so desperately needed. We look forward to working for and hopefully with you. 


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